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Is your employer talent focused and proud in making you successful? [12-03-2013]  
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THERE are numerous studies carried out across a variety of industries that have indicated that there is one common element shared by all successful organisations today, which is placing a high value on developing a talent pipeline.

All visionary organisations know that as the market becomes more competitive, the prize will go to the organisation that is nimble to evolve with the times and able to consistently provide above the standards service and delivery. The solution obviously is if organisations are able to attract and retain skilful and experienced talent.

So, there should be no doubt talent is a critical aspect of business and is no stranger in boardroom discussions.

And the most exciting fact for all employees is that we can look forward to knowing that every driven organisation focused on growth has clarity in the manner it designs and executes retention and development initiatives.

The key question is what we as employees can expect to see as validation that the organisation we have invested our efforts in, does have the interest of its people at heart.

So as employees, what you should look out for as indications of a visionary organisation by its business priorities that respect the power of talented people:

Professional hiring process


You should get a sense of appreciation from the point you receive a call from the representative of the organisation all through the sessions of the interview. The interviewers should be courteous, responsive and helpful. At all times they should demonstrate a respectful disposition throughout your engagement with them.

Clarity on the role and expectations:

You are given descriptive information on the role and the expectations, with the opportunity to discuss the concerns you may have as well pose questions that you find relevant. Throughout this session, you feel comfortable with the interviewer and your questions are responded.

Relevant information on the organisation:

You are furnished with more insight into the organisation, information that is not available on the website, pertaining to recognition rewards, development offerings and opportunities within the organisation. You should be able to gauge the amount of emphasis the organisation places on people initiatives during this discussion.

Conducive work environment

The office environment should observe safety standards and be a comfortable work-space fully furnished with office equipment. The more facilities there are in the office designed for employees, the higher the chances of the organisation focused on employee engagement.

Organisational values

You may be thinking that it is difficult to identify organisation value as it's not tangible, however values are manifested through a few factors:

Leaders that represent the organisation, the people selected demonstrate the character of the organisation by their decisions and choices.

Employees hired within the organisation: good organisations hire and nurture individuals that are aligned to their character and values.

Customers that the organisation chooses to work with also displays respectful values that align with the organisation.

Integrated on-boarding and development programmes

Talent-focused organisations pride themselves in making people successful. As the first few weeks of employment are usually a critical time to lay the groundwork for long-term employee engagement, commitment and success, these organisations would implement a thorough new employee training session followed by a well-executed orientation programme.

Following the on-boarding are continuous development programmes, designed to upskill employees and ensure that they continue learning and developing. Some organisations invest heftily in programmes that are extensively beneficial such as mentorship, exchange exposure and coaching.

Culture of appreciation

Look out for engagement initiatives related to recognition and rewards as it would be a part of the organisation DNA. Following suit would be the culture of celebration, which encourages teams in the organisation to appreciate the efforts and contributions of their team-mates. There would be signs of celebrating either big or small wins at every opportunity.

Visible growth opportunities

You will find obvious intent to grow individuals, open conversations with regards to career aspirations and transparent conversations on career opportunities. There would be reviews on various areas that are positive and negative, but most importantly there would be visible career opportunities and interest in growing you as an employee of the organisation.

Engaging human resource team

Organisations that believe in talent will be sure to enlist members within HR to execute strategies responsible to “hire for fit, train for skill, develop for retention.” The HR team would prove to be valuable advisors to the senior management on relevant proactive initiatives to engage employees while serve as enforcers to ensure that the leaders implement the organisation's people initiatives accordingly.

Business leaders that CARE

The undeniable fact is that a leader may have the greatest impact on nurturing talent and unleashing the full potential of their employees. It is also stated many a times that at the end of the day, people leave their leaders, not the organisations.

If that be true, then employees should pay attention to some of the attributes that exemplify leaders who are part of a people organisation:

Effective management style that encourages an open two-way communication and feedback.

Availability to discuss issues and offers suggestive options to resolve employee concerns.

Vested as an influencer to ensure that employee career aspirations are understood and worked towards.

Readily participates with team members on key tasks to accomplish results as a team.

Works with teams to identify real issues, conflicts or problems and offers support to remove the barriers.

Able to empathise with employees during challenging times.

As employees, we spend a considerable amount of hours at work, and it is expected that we find solace in working for organisations that encourage and nurture the people spirit.

Employees are deserving of a good place to work; however, we owe it to ourselves to constantly pay attention to the underlying behaviours within the organisation that help us decide if we are a part of an organisation that believes in continuously finding the best people and developing them.

Never fail to ask provoking questions to facilitate your decisions in selecting the type of organisation that embodies all the values to attract and retain high-performing employees. If it is true that all organisations are on board with the idea of placing talent management and development as a priority in their business, then we can take comfort in knowing that as employees we have much to look forward to.

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